How can I access the certain value more easily?


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I am coming from the React background so I don’t really know much about Vue.
The thing is I need to fix some stuff in a Vue project.

In the Parent component.

import NumberField from '../fields/NumberField.vue'; //Child component

export default defineComponent({
  name: 'Questionnaire',
  components: {

const fieldType = computed<string>(() => {
  switch (currentQuestion.value.type) {
    case 'multiple_choice':
      return 'MultipleChoiceField';
    case 'number':
      return 'NumberField';
      console.error('Unidentified field type');
      return '';


As you can see it is choosing from multiple field and use the appropriate one. But the thing is currently you can see the statement :question="currentQuestion"

What I want to do is I want to access the currentQuestion.validation in the child component. But It is kind of complicated when I try to console.log in the child component

Here is child component

const props = withDefaults(
    question: QuestionnaireField;
    answer?: QuestionnaireNumberAnswer | undefined;
    additions: PrefilledAdditionalParameters;
  { answer: undefined }

    const emit = defineEmits(['allowContinue', 'editAnswer']);
    const { additions, answer, question } = toRefs(props);

Here is the nested object which I need to access the validations enter image description here


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