Heroku app shows up for a while and then gives `Application error`


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I have created a MERN App and deployed it on Heroku. But it works for a while and then gives Application error. However, the code is fine and on the localhost both the frontend and the backend with MongoDB work perfectly fine and are up and running. I have tried everything I found on the internet. Here’s the list of things I’ve done:

  • Added the Config vars on Heroku (in case someone thinks I forgot that)
  • Checked the Procfile whether there’s any space error
  • Checked the package.json files and scripts
  • Tried to update the node_modules and restart Heroku
  • Made commits and tried to push on Heroku multiple times hoping it was a termporary error

But nothing seems to be working and it’s still giving H10 errors. Please help me out if anyone is familiar with the problem. Suggest anything that I might have missed.


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