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I have a rest API for class Tag, and want to add a link for each object.

but the duplicate link is added on every request(which calls the findAll() method).

see the pictures below

tag after first request
tag after many requests

What should I change to make it appear only once?

Model –

public class Tag extends RepresentationModel<Tag> {

Controller –

public class TagController {

private final TagService tagService;

public TagController(TagService tagService) {
    this.tagService = tagService;

public ResponseEntity<List<Tag>> findAll() {
    List<Tag> tags = this.tagService.findAll();
    List<Tag> response = new ArrayList<>();
    for(Tag t : tags) {
    return new ResponseEntity<>(response, HttpStatus.OK);

public ResponseEntity<Tag> find(@PathVariable("id") Long id) {
    return ResponseEntity.ok(this.tagService.find(id));


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