[SOLVED] gitlab: Runner has never contacted this instance


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I added a new virtualbox runner to my gitlab self hosted solution and I’m getting this warning on it:

Runner has never contacted this instance

and it nevers runs any jobs


The problem was solved after running the gitlab-runner verify command.

~  gitlab-runner -h # shows the help and other commands of gitlab-runner
   gitlab-runner - a GitLab Runner

   gitlab-runner [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]

   13.11.0 (7f7a4bb0)

   GitLab Inc. <support@gitlab.com>

     exec                  execute a build locally
     list                  List all configured runners
     run                   run multi runner service
     register              register a new runner
     install               install service
     uninstall             uninstall service
     start                 start service
     stop                  stop service
     restart               restart service
     status                get status of a service
     run-single            start single runner
     unregister            unregister specific runner
     verify                verify all registered runners
     artifacts-downloader  download and extract build artifacts (internal)
     artifacts-uploader    create and upload build artifacts (internal)
     cache-archiver        create and upload cache artifacts (internal)
     cache-extractor       download and extract cache artifacts (internal)
     cache-init            changed permissions for cache paths (internal)
     health-check          check health for a specific address
     read-logs             reads job logs from a file, used by kubernetes executor (internal)
     help, h               Shows a list of commands or help for one command

   --cpuprofile value           write cpu profile to file [$CPU_PROFILE]
   --debug                      debug mode [$DEBUG]
   --log-format value           Choose log format (options: runner, text, json) [$LOG_FORMAT]
   --log-level value, -l value  Log level (options: debug, info, warn, error, fatal, panic) [$LOG_LEVEL]
   --help, -h                   show help
   --version, -v                print the version

Now it works fine:

gitlab-runner registered

Thanks @WytrzymałyWiktor for his comment on this post. I didn’t find anything helpful other than his comment.

P.S After performing the above steps, you may need to run gitlab-runner start in order to resolve your problem!

Answered by Mostafa Ghadimi

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