GitLab LFS Broken after Object Store was disabled/removed


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i got some serious issue with the GitLab CE Instance of the company i work for.
it’s a gitlab instance with minio object storage for lfs, artifacts and backups enabled.

and the issue is: someone accidentally removed the object store containers without migrating the data or updating gitlab before it.
Now, almost all LFS Repositories, Artifacts and Backups are broken.
Artifacts and Backups are not important because they get pulled from the Object Store almost immediatly after creation and the LFS objects are only breaking one repository really.

Everytime i (or anyone else) wants to checkout that repository, an error is thrown that goes like this: error downloading objects: file.pdf (commit): smudge error: ... repository or object not found: repository/info/lfs/objects/batch

enter image description here

as those lfs files or non important (we got them saved somewhere else – thank god), we just want to remove them from the entire git history (no issue that the commit history, probably, has to be re-written) so they won’t create any issues no more.

so i just wanted to ask for some advice for doing this, has anyone else had experience with doing this or are there some other solutions i didn’t know of?

i’m thankful for any advice or help.



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