[SOLVED] ‘git lfs fetch’ found 1 object, what does it mean?


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In order to backup a GitHub repository, I followed this tutorial, cloned this repository with the --mirror option and then fetched Git LFS. It says:

$ git lfs fetch --all
fetch: 1 object found, done.
fetch: Fetching all references...

This creates an empty folder lfs/tmp, however, nothing is downloaded. What does “1 object found” mean? Is that “object” important?


Answer from GitHub Discussions by bk2204 (Git LFS maintainer):


In order to find how many objects need to be fetched, Git LFS walks the history. "1 object found" means that it walked the history and found a single LFS pointer file. The reason you’re probably seeing this message is that an empty file is its own pointer, and thus it will report a single object if you have an empty file in your repository. However, it won’t actually download anything because it doesn’t need to in that case.

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