get query result with trigger


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get query result with trigger

Hello, I want to get the code in the line when insert,
I will use the code I received in a query and create a table,
Then I will send this table to the interested parties by e-mail,

I created a trigger,
I got the code in insert,
My sorghum is ready,
My mail sending code is ready,

Problem: I can’t create table with sql query

    create trigger DilmeEmriMailGonder
  on [db].[dbo].[Table1]
  After insert as
  DECLARE @DilmeEmri nvarchar(max);
  DECLARE @tableHTML nvarchar(max);
  DECLARE @Konu nvarchar(max);

select @DilmeEmri= s_code, @Konu=s_code+' - Dilme Emri Oluşturuldu' from inserted

set @tableHTML= 
N'<table border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width=95% style="border:solid #DFD7CA 1.0pt;" >'+
N'<tr style="height:22.7pt"><th>Dilme Emri</th><th>İş Emri</th><th>İşin Adı</th><th>Kağıt Kategori</th><th>Kağıt Alt Kategori</th><th>Kağıt Kodu</th><th>Kağıt Adı</th><th>Ölçü</th><th>Miktar</th><th>Makine</th>'+
td =ctt.[s_code],'',
td =tq.s_orderID,'',
  FROM [db].[dbo].[Table1] ctt
  left join [db].[dbo].[Table2] cttd on ...
  left join [db].[dbo].[Table3] tp on ...
  left join [db].[dbo].[Table4] te on ...
  where ctt.s_code=@DilmeEmri and ctt.b_deleted=0
  for xml path('tr'), type )as nvarchar (max)) +

exec msdb.dbo.sp_send_dbmail
@recipients = '',
@subject = @Konu,


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