Get count_values(normalize=True) result for each value, in each group in pandas GroupByDataframe


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Say I have a dataframe

import pandas as pd
df = pd.DataFrame({"id":[1,1,1,1,2,2,2],

and I want to get the count-ratio for each car within each id aswell as the count i.e the resulting dataframe would be

          ratio    count

1   Audi   0.25     1
    Volvo  0.75     3

2   Audi   0.33     1
    Volvo  0.33     1
    VW     0.33     1

I have tried

def get_tag_ratio(x):
    Calculate the ratio for each car
    ratio = x.value_counts(normalize=True)
    return ratio

car_info = df.groupby(["id"])["car"].agg(
    ratio=get_tag_ratio, count="count")

but the result is

          ratio    count

1   [0.75,0.25]          4

2   [0.33,0.33,0.33]     3

I have also tried

car_info = df.groupby(["id","car"])["car"].agg(
    ratio=get_tag_ratio, count="count")

which gives

          ratio    count
id   car

1   Audi   1.0      1
    Volvo  1.0      3

2   Audi   1.0      1
    Volvo  1.0      1
    VW     1.0      1

which is almost there – unless the value_counts now is applied within each car group and not each id group.

Just parsing "value_counts" doens’t work (also, I don’t know how to get “normalize=True” as an argument to value_counts here)

df.groupby("id")["car"].agg(["value_counts","count"]) #`ValueError: Must pass non-zero number of levels/codes`


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