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On remote target machine I’m starting gdbserver to debug a binary /usr/local/bin/my_test_bin_gdb3 compiled with -ggdb3.

$ gdbserver --multi :1111

On host machine I got only source files, no debug symbols or binaries. I’m using gdb

$ cd <project-source-root>
$ gdb
(gdb) target extended-remote <remote-ip>:1111
Remote debugging using <remote-ip>:1111
(gdb) set remote exec-file /usr/local/bin/my_test_bin_gdb3
(gdb) start <options to my_test_bin_gdb3>
No symbol table loaded.  Use the "file" command.
(gdb) file /usr/local/bin/my_test_bin_gdb3
/usr/local/bin/my_test_bin_gdb3: No such file or directory.

How to load symbols from remote binary. I can’t copy the binary and all the linked libs to host as they are huge. can’t gdb load symbols from target on fly?


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