Flow on how to setup an SSO authentication with a JWT bearer


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for a job, I have to propose a flow (a classic UML diagram) describing the process of SSO authentication using a JWT token (so I have to realize a JWT-based SSO).

I’m not an expert on this and I have just the following info:

  • an oauth2 endpoint is ready and working, and it’s a URL like https://example.com/aouth2/token
  • I have a page with a simple form where a user can enter username and password
  • In the server is hosted a .pem file containing the public key for signing the JWT token (there is also a private key)
  • When the user logins, the client receives a JSON response with the access and refresh tokens, expiration, and so on
  • The user now can access a specific URL pointing to the company’s web app he has to use

Does someone have a certain experience in this? How can a typical flow be, which describes the functioning of a JWT-based SSO with just the info above?


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