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I have an application on vue 3. I need to get a link to a document from the repository. At the moment, I always get a promise, which is how it should be. But I should get a link to the document, but it doesn’t. Why is this happening?

 async FetchData({ state, commit }, to) {
      try {
        commit("setLoading", true);
        const q = query(collection(db, to));

        await onSnapshot(q, (querySnapshot) => {
          const data = [];

          querySnapshot.forEach((doc) => {
            let  films = async(to) => {
              const starsRef = ref(storage, `images/${doc.id}/poster.png`);

              return await getDownloadURL(starsRef);

            // const poster=`gs://cell-11ef4.appspot.com/images/${doc.id}/poster.png`

            let item = {
              id: doc.id,
              name: doc.data().name,
              slug: doc.data().slug,
              country: doc.data().country,
              duration: doc.data().duration,
              year: doc.data().year,
              video: doc.data().video,
              genres: doc.data().genres,
              actors: doc.data().actors,
              poster: to === "films" ? films() : null,
              // BipPoster: url,


            // Get the download URL

          commit("setData", { data, to });
      } catch (err) {
      } finally {
        commit("setLoading", false);

What i get

enter image description here

enter image description here
enter image description here


You should use Promise.all() as follows:

const promises = [];
querySnapshot.forEach((doc) => {
     const starsRef = ref(storage, `images/${doc.id}/poster.png`);


const urlsArray = await Promise.all(promises);

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