Find a word in a file with a given SHA-256 hex digest Python


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I’m trying to find a word whose ASCII encoding has the following SHA-256 hex digest:
“69d8c7575198a63bc8d97306e80c26e04015a9afdb92a699adaaac0b51570de7” using the hashlib.

With my code a accomplished to sort through the file and return the digest that matches but i need it into an actual word , i know that hash cant be decrypted so i need help with the logic on how to print the actual word.

here is my code:

import hashlib

def q1 ():

    file = open("words.txt","r")
    for x in file : 
        x = x.strip('n')
        x = (hashlib.sha256(x.encode("ascii", "ignore")).hexdigest())
        wordFound ="69d8c7575198a63bc8d97306e80c26e04015a9afdb92a699adaaac0b51570de7"

        if x == wordFound:
            print (x)


this is the list of words:


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