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I am having difficulty using my existing table to create a table with a list of courses that correspond to a specific team ID from a json file.
The format of the json is along these lines

{"courseAssociations":[{"ID":"12","StudentID":"34","CourseID":"Team234"} ,{"ID":"22","StudentID":"43","CourseID":"Team226"}

    //retrieve student course association from server
        .then(function successCall(response) {
          $scope.courseAssociations =;
        }, function errorCall() {});
      filterCourses = function() {
        $scope.filteredCourses = [];
        //loop through each item in the courseAssociations table
        for (var i = 0; i < $scope.courseAssociations.length; i++) {
          if ($scope.courseAssociations[i].StudentID == $scope.userID) {
  <div class="table-container">
    <h1>Course Feed</h1>
      <table class="table">
            <th>Course ID</th>
            <th>Course Name</th>
            <th>Course Overview</th>
            <th>Course Lecturer</th>
            <th>Lecture Times</th>

            <td data-label="Course ID">{{}}</td> 
            <td data-label="Course Name">{{}}</td>
            <td data-label="Course Overview">{{course.overview}}</td>
            <td data-label="Course Lecturer">{{course.Lec}}</td>
            <td data-label="Year">{{course.year}}</td>
            <td data-label="Trimester">{{course.tri}}</td>
            <td data-label="Lecture Times">{{course.time}}</td>
            <td data-label="%"><button id="myBtn">Delete</button></td></td>


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