File on card still accessible though card was removed


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I got some really weired behaviour on at least 3 systems….
We have some (anonymous) ECG recordings on SD cards (max 512MB, FAT formated) which
are recognized a small deamon running in the background and shows up in the win tray.

Every time a card is inserted or removed the app gets triggerd and searches on all drive letters it is configured for new reocordings. If one is found the a window pops up to check back with the user to upload the file to the database.

So far so good. The problem here is that the app is also triggered when a drive is removed but it finds the recording again since it is flagged anonymous.

We could reproduce the problem with other tools:

  • Insert the card
  • open a cmd.exe -> change dir to the driv (e.g. f:)
  • open the file in notepad++ -> close the editor again
  • put out the card (note the console is still pointing to the drive)
  • replay the open command in notepad++ -> it shows that data again!!!

This should actually not happen and on top of that if we take a look at the win drive management the card is actually gone. We could also not reproduce the problem with bigger SD cards (>= 2GB)

So… the questions are:

  • How the hell can this happen?
  • My best guess is that the problem is either on the windows caching system or some interference with a virus scanner that has a bug (we couldn’t determine/test this though)
    -> are there any (hidden) settings we can try. The problem did not resolve when we tried to disabled the write cache and optimization for better performance in the card policies.


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