Fastest way to manipulate bigdata in R


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I have 40+ CSV files with each being around 400MB. What I need to do is to read these 40+ big csv files, do some manipulation and formatting on them (such as commonize date formats, separating dates to months,day,etc..), and combine them in a single data frame. I have searched in the previous post about the quickest way to read these CSV files to be “fread” but even when I used fread, it took approx. 14 seconds for reading each file, and leaves me with a pretty significant runtime. I tried using SQLite through RSQLite for a single csv files:

db <- dbConnect(SQLite(), dbname="test_db.sqlite") ## will make, if not present
dbWriteTable(conn=db, name="your_table", value="testdata.csv", row.names=FALSE, header=TRUE)

However, even using SQLite it took a considerable amount of time. What can be used to quickly read 40+ big csv folders into a “space” that makes manipulation on is very fast?

If I were to upload the data to a database once, and if it were to make the manipulation very fast from than on, I would be still fine, but the final folder (once merge is complete) expected to be 25+GB. So I am trying to find the most efficient way to manipulate the data


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