Facebook API – looking to get friends list that I can access normally access logging into facebook


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This is my first question on stack overflow so please cut me some slack. I’m looking for API which would allow me to get the following which I can already lookup when I login to facebook.com

  1. Get list of friends a user has. This user can me me, my friends on facebook, friends of my friends whose friends list I can access when I lookup their profile through facebook.com

What I tried :

  1. I looked up documentation on https://developers.facebook.com/ it says getting a users friends list is now not available
  2. I looked up network tab when opening friends list of my friends I can see the the results returning through https://www.facebook.com/api/graphql/ with some form data which looks like its using graphQL query.

Since I can see the data returning in the network tab, I was wondering if anyone knows how I can interpret this API. Or does anyone know what API I can use to get this data ?

Since I can see the data in the dev tools anyway, was thinking there might be some way I can make this API call


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