Extend record type with a toList function


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I want a “toList” function on the generic record type. Is there a way to achieve something like this?

//this is possible
type MyRecord<K extends string, T> = Record<K, T> & {
    toList(this: MyRecord<K, T>): T[];

//this not. Typescript complains here about using MyRecord as value when it is a type
MyRecord.prototype.toList = function():T[] {
    const list: T[] = [];
    return list;

Where I can use it later like this without having to define a toList function on every assignment.

//this won't work, toList is missing;
const myDictionary: MyRecord<string, string> = { "a": "b", "c": "d" } 
const myDictionaryValues = myDictionary.toList();
myDictionaryValues.forEach(v => console.log(v));

Neither the MyRecord.prototype is working nor the declaration in the first line of my use case example (because of the missing “toList”).

I know that it is possible to just have a global function somewhere, which is doing the “toList” thing. That is not what I am asking here.


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