[SOLVED] ERROR: the following arguments are required: –resource-group/-g, –workspace-name/-w


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got a folder called data-asset which contains a yaml file with the following

type: uri_folder
name: <name_of_data>
description: <description goes here>
path: <path>

In a pipeline am referencing this using azure cli inline script using the following command az ml data create -f .yml but getting error. “following arguments are required: –resource-group/-g, –workspace-name/-w”. Do i add resource-group and workspace-name to yaml file or pipeline?

Solution by deep

You can create data assest using YAML specification file, --resource-group/-g, --workspace-name/-w are required parameters, try following Azure CLI command taken from the documentation.

Create a data asset using a YAML specification file:

az ml data create --file data.yml --resource-group my-resource-group --workspace-name my-workspace

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