[SOLVED] Does Kotlin have a network REPL like Clojure’s `nrepl`?


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Clojure’s nrepl provide a way to connect to a running remote Clojure program.
Does Kotlin have a network REPL like Clojure’s nrepl?


maybe have a look at:


maybe it comes near to what you want to have.


kscript by Holder Brandl adds enhanced scripting support for Kotlin on *nix-based systems. kscript provides an easy-to-use, very flexible, and almost zero-overhead solution to write self-contained mini-applications with Kotlin.

also available via https://sdkman.io/

$ sdk install kscript

For trying out small kotlin code snippets, I sometimes just use the scratches from my favorite IDE Intellij: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/idea/scratches.html

Maybe you find the latter also "helpful" for whatever you "intended" to achieve in using a REPL.

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