Do I really need a YouTube video showcasing an Google Ads API Project when going production mode?


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For a client project, I used nodejs SDK access to the Google Ads API to generate a daily automated budget report.

I use refresh tokens to access the API – this all works so far so well. Unfortunately, the refresh token expires after 1 week if I don’t generate a new one using OAuth Flow – the software is still in test mode.

If I want to go productive, Google requests a YouTube video (!!) showing the application due to the selected scope – however, it is only a command line application, there is nothing to show here.

I have not found a way to select that it is only a command line application. Any similar experiences here on how to get past this hurdle?

Another way would be to use a service account to access the Google Ads API, but that doesn’t seem to be intended.

Thanks for your support!


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