[SOLVED] Despite being SSH Authenticated to GitHub, terminal (Bash, PWSH) Git created repo’s will not Push, Fetch remote – but GitHub Desktop created will


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Despite being SSH Authenticated to GitHub, terminal (Bash, PWSH) Git created repo’s will not Push, Fetch remote – but GitHub Desktop created will.

Date: From 16/09/22 – 18/09/22: Two days of effort.

  • [x] Git (Windows) installed in custom folder Gitx64 under C:Program Files
  • [x] Symlink created from C:Program FilesGitx64 to C:Program FilesGit
  • [x] OpenSSH (Windows) and ssh_config at “`$Home/.ssh/config
  • [x] Git (Windows) Global config and at $Home/.gitconfig

Problem Statement

Note: I have a juicy issue as I have been switching between bash | pwsh for Git and GH CLI and GitHub Desktop and SourceTree trying to diagnose and resolve for 2 days.

For creating, not cloning, a local repo and creating a remote repository from command line/terminal works but interacting with Git Push | Fetch | Pull does not
Thinks that it is not a repository or am not authenticated or have correct rights/identity.

  • I can authenticate to GitHub.com with SSH and a (RSA) Public Key via command line SSH and GH CLI tooling.

  • I can, with git remote add <remote_name> <remote_repo_url>

    • But this does not appear on GitHub.com (i.e., like it is an internal or …?)
  • I can, with GitHub CLI, creates a remote repo successfully (see below)

    • But GitHub CLI does not want to add a remote at <remote_repo_url>
  • GitHub Desktop throws either

    • Not authenticated error (see screenshot with annotations)

    GitHub Desktop Auth error, ++Annotations

  • Bash: git push or fetch generates the following error

$ git fetch
fatal: 'git@github.com/iPoetDev/Gobals1.git' does not appear to be a git repository
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.

If it is TL/DR, pm me or I will follow up with a Loom link to visualise in further detail. I will also see if I can get this as an Issue on my GitHub (via a functional repo) as an issue for off Stack Overflow concern.

Git Global Config

  • Not using system file
  • Not using per repo (Can if I need to)
  • Not using (yet) command line configurations

Config Directives

Selected Directives from Global Config at $Home/.gitconfig

    name = <GitHub Name>
    email = <GitHub secondary email address in use>
    # Options: 1: 51715025+iPoetDev@users.noreply.github.com
    # Options: 2: <GitHub primary email address in use>
    # Commented Out
    # sshCommand = ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa -F /dev/null

    defaultBranch = main
    default = current
    # removes git push -u
    autoSetupRemote = true 
[credential "helperselector"]
    selected = manager-core
[credential "https://github.com"]
    #username = git
    username = iPoetDev
    helper = 
    helper = D:\.Tools\.scoop\apps\gh\current\bin\gh.exe auth git-credential

#   As explained, Git only allows you to access repositories owned by yourself, i.e. the user who is running Git, by default.
     directory = D:/Code/Gobals/* 
     directory = D:/Code/Gobals/Gobals
     directory = D:/Code/Gobals/Gobals1

GitHub CLI && Repo Management

Authenticates with GitHub CLI (Interactively)

  • No PAT Token, but have one ready
  • Switches from https to ssh for authentication
 gh auth login
? What account do you want to log into? GitHub.com
? You're already logged into github.com. Do you want to re-authenticate? Yes   
? What is your preferred protocol for Git operations? SSH
? Upload your SSH public key to your GitHub account? $Homez.sshid_rsa.pub  
? Title for your SSH key: ```<Added Title>```
? How would you like to authenticate ```<Added Title>```? Login with a web browser

! First copy your one-time code: ```<One Time Code>```
Press Enter to open github.com in your browser... 
✓ Authentication complete.
- gh config set -h github.com git_protocol ssh
HTTP 422: Validation Failed (https://api.github.com/user/keys)
key is already in use

Creates a Remote on GitHub.com

  • Output: D:CodeGobalGobals1Gobals1 is not a git repository. Run git -C "Gobals1" … (again)
  • cd .. for /d/Code/Gobals1 -> /d/Code/Gobal && git -C Gobals1 init
  • Reinitialized existing Git repository in D:/Code/Gobal/Gobals1/.git/
  • At /d/Code/Gobal, noticing I am not in Gobals 1, due to gh quirk of running from ParentDir
    • Enters: gh repo create --private -d Gobals1 --remote Gobals1 --source Gobals1 --homepage github.com/iPoetsDev/Gobals1.git
    • ✓ Created repository iPoetDev/Gobals1 on GitHub
    • X Unable to add remote "Gobals1"
    • Eyeballed Repo on GitHub.com, default branch ‘main`


You’re trying to push to a remote repo that doesn’t exist. That’s all there is to it, and it has nothing to do with the details of your local configuration. To create a repo on GitHub you can go to https://github.com/new (log in if necessary) and fill in the requested information. Once it’s created, you can push to it. Other hosts are, of course, different.

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