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I am trying to register repositories in a separate module called freeswitch via ABP Framework.

Interface is IFSExtensionRepository

context.Services.AddAbpDbContext<FreeswitchDBContext>(options =>
            options.AddRepository<FSExtension, EfCoreExtensionRepository>();

Freeswitch DB Context

public class FreeswitchDbContext : AbpDbContext<FreeswitchDbContext>, IFreeswitchDbContext
    /* Add DbSet for each Aggregate Root here. Example:
     * public DbSet<Question> Questions { get; set; }
    public DbSet<FSExtension> Extension { get; set; }

    public FreeswitchDbContext(DbContextOptions<FreeswitchDbContext> options)
        : base(options)


    protected override void OnModelCreating(ModelBuilder builder)



 public class ExtensionRepositoryEf : EfCoreRepository<IFreeswitchDbContext, FSExtension, Guid>, IFSExtensionRepository
        private readonly ICurrentTenant CurrentTenant;
        public ExtensionRepositoryEf(IDbContextProvider<IFreeswitchDbContext> dbContextProvider, ICurrentTenant currentTenant) : base(dbContextProvider)
            CurrentTenant = currentTenant;

        public virtual async Task<FSExtension> FindByNameAsync(string extensionName, CancellationToken canceltoken = default)
            return await (await GetDbSetAsync())
            .OrderBy(t => t.Id)
            .FirstOrDefaultAsync(t => t.ExtensionNumber.ToLower() == extensionName.ToLower() && t.TenantId == CurrentTenant.Id, GetCancellationToken(canceltoken));


The error I get while calling the class which is injecting IFSExtensionRepository is below

———- Exception Data ———-
ActivatorChain = Castle.Proxies.RinglurUserServiceProxy -> RinglurNet.Ringlur.RinglurUserManager -> Freeswitch.Service.ExtensionManager


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