Custom textarea objects in React with controlled contentEditable


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I’m trying to create a textarea where on enter the input is converted to a custom component (e.g. email) as show below. Any suggestions on how to create this in react?

Goal state

I have tried creating this using a contentEditable div with the values being appended to a list on enterkey pressed (as shown in image 2). However, then I can’t make the div component controlled (for instance removing typed text on enter), nor appending emails correctly inside the controlled state.

Current state

Code (typescript react, stripped away css):

const [emails, setEmails] = useState<string[]>([]);
const [value, setValue] = useState<string>();

const onKeyPress = (e: any) => {
    if (e.charCode === 13 && value) {
            [...emails, value]
const onInputChange = (e: any) => {

return (
        <div className="text-left flex ">
            <div className=" flex grow" suppressContentEditableWarning>
                {, id) => (
                    <div className="" key={id} contentEditable="false">

                    className={classNames("grow flex")}


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