Custom grouping of Taskbar items/programs? Ideally can move into a folder on Taskbar?


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Current configuration:

  • Windows 10, taskbar buttons set to never combine (prefer seeing text near icons).
  • 7+ Taskbar Tweaker installed to allow reordering of open programs/apps.


  • Sometimes I have 4/5 or more instances of the same app open (Word/Notepad etc) while only working in 1 of them mainly, but still require the others to be open.

So is there any software that will allow me to move some of the open apps from the taskbar into a “folder” or similar? So I can drag and drop from main taskbar into the “folder” on taskbar, hence freeing up space and making it easier for me to see which instance of the app I’m currently working on?

Note: tried “Bins” which doesn’t work when item view is set to never combine. Also tried RocketDock, which didn’t do what I wanted either.



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