Custom domain pointed at elastic IP does not have correct SSL certificate


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So i have this problem that is bothering me for some time. Now i created SSL certificate with LetsEncrypt and its for my custom domain. Lets say Now i have set this certificate for load balancer in EB and for listener in EC2. When i open EB enviroment domain i get that certificate is invalid. I get that bcs the certificate is for different domain and when i look at that the certificate in chrome, i see correct info. However, when i open my custom domain that is pointed to elastic IP of that EC2 instance that runs in my EB i got certificate that is not secure and its configured to dynamic url of EC2 instance…i have no idea how to set proper certificate to that elastic IP.
Does anybody have idea what to do? Here is my picture of what i see when i open certificate in chrome for that custom domain.

certificate info


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