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I’m working in a project where people fill a form then with a Mongo aggregation that group all the people based on the date, time and place they choose.

const matchController = {
  generateMatch: async (req, res) => {
    const form = await Forms.aggregate([
        $group: {
          _id: { Date: "$date", Time: "$time", Place: "$place" },
          Data: {
            $addToSet: {
              Name: "$firstName",
              Surname: "$surname",
              Email: "$email",
              Date: "$date",
              Time: "$time",
              Status: "$status",
              Place: "$place",
              _id: "$_id"
          Total: { $sum: 1 },
        $match: {
          Total: { $gte: 2 },
      { $out: "matchs" },

But now I would like to add more complexity with some rules, for example I want each group to be made with just 2 filled forms. Also I’m thinking about allowing mutiple time selection so for example, 4 people fill the form with same date and place but:

Person 1 selects 08:00 a.M and 12:00p.M,
Person 2 selects 12:00 p.M,
Person 3 selects 8:00 a.M and 13:00 p.M,
Person 4 selects 12:00 p.m.

I want a validation so in this example instead of getting person 1 and 2 matching and person 3 and 4 free, it would check and match person 1 and 3 and person 2 and 4.

I know this question is kind of complex so any guidance on how to get there would be deeply appreciated and thanked.


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