[SOLVED] Copy method not holding state


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I’m using flutter_bloc. I have one class to hold state.

class FondoFormState extends Equatable {
  const FondoFormState({

    FondoFormState copy, {
    List<TransferAccountDetails>? transferAccountDetails,
  }) : transferAccountDetails = transferAccountDetails ?? copy.transferAccountDetails;

  final List<TransferAccountDetails>? transferAccountDetails;

  List<Object?> get props => <Object?>[

  bool get stringify => true;

I’m calling the event from the UI..

with  context.read<FondoFormBloc>().add(AddAccountEvent(accounts));

My bloc is is receiving the event..(from the print statement)
However when I print the state I get null for transferAccountDetails

on< AddAccountEvent >((AddAccountEvent event, Emitter<FondoFormState> emit) {
      FondoFormState.copy(state, transferAccountDetails: event.transferAccountDetails);
      // FondoFormState.copy(state, fondoAccounts: fondoAccounts);

The issue is probably with the copy method in the state class. It’s not holding the state. Wonder can anyone notice my error!


Calling emit on the state updates the state

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