Copy corresponding dataframe column values to new dataframe with fixed column names python


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I have a data frame (df1) as shown below. The elements in the 1st column start repeating after a certain number but the corresponding 2nd column elements are unique

    0        1
0   A        Ok
1   B        1234
2   C        True
3   D        Yes
4   A        Ok
5   B        6789
6   C        False
7   D        No 

I have created a new DataFrame(df2) with column names as the elements in the 1st column of df1 without repetition

column_names = df1[0].drop_duplicates()
df2 = pd.DataFrame(columns=column_names)

I want to copy the elements in the 2nd column of df1 under the column names in df2 as shown

    A     B       C      D
0   Ok   1234    True    Yes
1   Ok   6789    False   Yes
2   Ok   1567    False   N/A

Can anyone help me with this?


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