Consume response from a WebClient API call in spring cloud gateway filter exchange


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I am using Spring Cloud Gateway for my microservices and I am trying to make a blocking API call to another microservice within my GatewayFilter. But since spring cloud gateway is reactive, it does not allow for making blocking API Calls so I’m unable to use .block() to wait for the WebClient response.
Here is my Auth Filter.

public class AuthFilter implements GatewayFilter {

    private WebClient.Builder webClientBuilder;
    private AuthenticationTokenService authenticationTokenService;

    public Mono<Void> filter(ServerWebExchange exchange, GatewayFilterChain chain) {
        ServerHttpRequest request = exchange.getRequest();
        ServerHttpResponse response = exchange.getResponse();

        final List<String> openEndpoints = List.of("/api/v1/auth/login","/api/v1/auth/refresh-token","/api/v1/user/register",
                "/api/v1/server/health-check", "/api/v1/user/health-check");
        final Predicate<ServerHttpRequest> isApiSecured = r ->
                .noneMatch(uri -> r.getURI().getPath().contains(uri));

        if (isApiSecured.test(request)) {
            boolean isAuthorizationHeader = request.getHeaders().containsKey(AUTHORIZATION);
            if (!isAuthorizationHeader) {
                return response.setComplete();
            try {
                final String authHeader = Objects.requireNonNull(request.getHeaders().get(AUTHORIZATION)).get(0);
                final String[] parts = authHeader.split(" ");
                if (parts.length != 2 || !"Bearer".equals(parts[0])) {
                    throw new RuntimeException("Incorrect auth structure");

                if(!request.getURI().getPath().endsWith("/refresh-token")) {
                    final String authenticationToken = parts[1];
                    final AuthenticationTokenDetails authenticationTokenDetails = authenticationTokenService
                    final Long id = authenticationTokenDetails.getUserId();
                    final String uniqueId = authenticationTokenDetails.getUniqueId();
                            .uri("http://PERSISTENCE-SERVICE/api/v1/user/verify?id=" +id+ "&uniqueId=" +uniqueId)
                    //I am trying to consume the response from the above webclient call
                    //The goal is for me to mutate my exchange to include the result from the API call before passing
                    //the request to the downstream microservice

            } catch (Exception e) {
                return response.setComplete();

        return chain.filter(exchange);


I am trying to consume the response from the webclient call. The goal is for me to mutate my exchange to include the result from the API call before passing the request to the downstream microservice


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