[SOLVED] GlanceAppWidget with clickable row: inner elements steal focus and clicks


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I have a widget made with a android glance library. There is a Row contains Image and Text. I need to make this row clickable.

        verticalAlignment = Alignment.CenterVertically,
        modifier = GlanceModifier.fillMaxWidth().clickable(
                   context = LocalContext.current
    ) {
            modifier = GlanceModifier.padding(end = 8.dp),
            provider = ImageProvider(R.drawable.ic_open),
            contentDescription = null
            text = LocalContext.current.getString(

The problem is that the row reacts to click only when I click on its area around of the Text and Image. If I click the Image or Text, nothing happens


It’s a known bug in Glance 1.0.0-alpha04. You can downgrade to 1.0.0-alpha03 for now, and it should hopefully be fixed in the next release

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