Closing the Bootstrap Modal bind submit event and send multiple requests on submit?


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I have a modal which contains check boxes to send delete request for the selected check boxes and I have issue of multiple requests in case of dismissing once and submitting the next time

      /* Delete Url dialog */
      var $deleteEntriesDialog = null;
      this.$editor.on("", "#delete-url-modal", (e) => {
        $deleteEntriesDialog = $(e.currentTarget);
        var text = $el.parent().parent().data("raw").text;
        var modalBody = this.machinery.renderDeleteUrls(text);

The DELETE request is fired multiple times (it seems that each dismiss adds one repetition).

Here’s what I am doing on submition:

   this.$editor.on("submit", ".delete-url-form", (e) => {
        var $form = $(e.currentTarget);
        var $deleteEntries = $form.find("input.form-check-input:checked");

        Object.entries($deleteEntries).forEach(([_, entry]) => {
          if (typeof !== "undefined") {
            this.removeTranslationEntry(; // Delete AJAX request function
        return false;

I believe here is the issue – the events are bind when the dialog is shown, so in case it is shown multiple times (dismissing it between), the submit handler is also triggered multiple times causing duplicate DELETE requests.


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