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I try to create side menu and the accordion to open based on page URL, I developing using Nextjs. for now I got the index from 0 to 1 but accordion is not opening, each time user click on the menu will redirected them to another page, that is why I want it to read from URL.

export default function SideMenu() {
      const [accIndex, setaccIndex] = useState(0) // initially 0
      const router = useRouter();
      useEffect(() => {
        //remove /
        let url = router.pathname;
        let newUrl = url.slice(1, url.length); //remove / at the beginning
        let second ="/"); // search for any / in trail
        let cutUrl = second > -1 ? newUrl.slice(0, second) : newUrl;
        for (const x in Menu) {
          if (cutUrl === Menu[x].item.toLowerCase()) {
            setaccIndex(Menu[x].index); // set to 1
      }, []);
      function selectedMenu(path) {
    return (
      <Accordion allowMultiple defaultIndex={[accIndex]}>
        {/* dashboard */}
            onClick={() => selectedMenu("/dashboard")}
        {/* dashboard  end*/}

        {/* about */}
            <AccordionIcon />
            {/* company 1 */}
              <AccordionButton onClick={() => selectedMenu("/com/company1")}>
                company 1
            {/* company 1 end*/}


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