CentOS 6 : Group descriptors corrupted


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I found the following in dmesg and I am wondering what I can do to fix it: EXT4-fs (snumbd1d): group descriptors corrupted!.

Will I need to take the server offline in order to recover the file system or is it possible to do it without taking the server offline?

EXT4-fs (snumbd1d): ext4_check_descriptors: Checksum for group 128 failed (22619!=896)
EXT4-fs (snumbd1d): group descriptors corrupted!
snumbd_open_blk(blkid,65537): Disable access (515,210331,210331)...
snumbdctl_release(mms,223881): OK s=ffff88001f1ea000
snumbdctl_open(mms,223881): OK s=ffff88001f1ea000
session_init(mms,223881): OK. kdev=fc:1, len=16351232 sect=512 s=ffff88001f1ea000 pgrp=(210331).
snumbd_open_blk(blkid,65545): Disable access (515,210331,210331)...
snumbd_open_blk(udisks-part-id,65546): Disable access (515,210331,210331)...
snumbdctl_release(mms,223881): OK s=ffff88001f1ea000


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