Can’t delete an incomplete type with std unique_ptr of virtual class


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I have a multi inheritance here an example:

A virtual class Foo:

class Foo{
std::string m_name;
Foo(){std::cout << "constructor foo" << std::endl;}
Foo(std::string name); // another constructor defined in Foo.cpp
virtual ~Foo(){std::cout << "destructor foo" << std::endl;}
virtual std::string power(){return NULL;}

Foo::Foo(std::string const& name) :
    m_name(name) {
    std::cout << "m_name =  " << m_name << std::endl;

I have another class Roo that inherits from Foo:

class Roo: public Foo{
void create() override;
Roo(std::string const&);
virtual ~Roo(){std::cout << "destructor Roo" << std::endl;}
bool configure(json const&) override;

Roo::Roo(std::string const& name) :
Foo(name) {

a class AA that inherits from Roo:

class AA: public Roo{

AA(std::string name);
void create(){...}

I get a compile error “can’t delete an incomplete type” in my class main.cpp at this level :

std::unique_ptr<Foo> rp = std::unique_ptr<Foo>(std::make_unique<Foo>(AA(name)))

the error appear in memory:

void operator()(_Ty* _Ptr) const noexcept /* strengthened */ { // delete a pointer
static_assert(0 < sizeof(_Ty), "can't delete an incomplete type");
delete _Ptr;      

Why Foo is incomplete type ?


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