Cannot open audio capture… Device or resource busy


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I want to start a program at system startup. This program is called picam and it records surveillance video and audio.

The program works perfectly if I launch it from the terminal, but I want it to start automatically at boot with init.d, but it turns out that doing so has no sound.

This appears in the logs:

error: cannot open audio capture device 'hw:1,0': Device or resource busy
hint: specify correct ALSA device with '--alsadev <dev>'
warning: audio capturing is disabled

There seems to be a problem with alsa not starting automatically. I don’t understand what could be happening.

In the application’s forum, someone responded with this:

Notice that when using .asoundrc for pi user it has to be copied to /root/ or a /etc/asound.conf had to be made to replace the user .asoundrc, otherwise no sound!

I’ve tried creating a .asoundrc file with this, but I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong:

pcm.record {
    slave {
        cfm "hw:1.0"

I have put it in /etc/ but when I reboot it still doesn’t sound. Can you help me?


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