[SOLVED] Candy Machine Mints Happening Automatically During Sugar Upload


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I haven’t seen this before: I was just doing an NFT upload using the Sugar CLI. Everything went fine but at the end of the upload I saw this:

[2/2] Verification
Verifying 2000 config line(s): (Ctrl+C to abort)
[00:00:35] Config line verification successful ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ 2000/2000

An item has already been minted. Skipping candy machine collection verification...

Verification successful. You're good to go!

I noticed this line: An item has already been minted. Skipping candy machine collection verification

Then when I went to the upload URL it said 17 had already been minted:

See your candy machine at:
-> https://www.solaneyes.com/address/xxx?cluster=mainnet

Then when I went to load the project on my localhost the minted number kept climbing, now it’s at 214/2000 and this is without the site live on the web at all.

I’m wondering if this is a glitch that will correct itself sometime this evening or could this be a bot that is minting things?

The initial WL price is 0 and I did set the go-live date as now just for the upload and then I go in and change the date manually in the config after the upload is completed. I’ve done it this way in the past. Since I’ve set the go-live date to the future the minting has stopped.

Any ideas on the cause of this?


Bots detected your new candy machine and minted from it since it was already live. If the mint is cheap / for free there will always be bots that mint.

Solution is to simply set the go live date into the future and not now.

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