[SOLVED] Can we use 2 or more SoftwareSerial in Arduino?


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So I have a project that need ESP-01 (ESP8266) and Fingerprint Sensor (FM10A). Both of the component need to communicate from SoftwareSerial. For some project-related reason I can’t use the hardware-serial.

The programs works like this:

  1. The fingerprint sensor is going to capture a fingerprint and give it an ID (String)
  2. The ID is going to be sent to firebase database using ESP-01

Is it possible to make them work using 2 SoftwareSerial?

ESP-01 Pins | Fingerprint Sensor FM10A Pins

Any helpful response would be appreciated, thank you!


The ESP-01 (ESP8266)is only a WiFi module with 2 gpios available.
It should be used together with a micro-controller board and not stand alone.
Better is to get a micro-controller board like esp32.

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