can we know if a printer is not connected


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I am working for a company that want to install ocs inventory to keep tract of all the printers (USB and network connect printer) connected and not connected to the network. It’s been a few days that I am on this project and, I am kind of blocked.

I have installed an ocs agent on my Windows computer and when I plug in a USB printer, I see that it appared on the printers list but when I plug out the printer, it’s still appeared on the printers list, even when I update the inventory.

Actually, I did some research and I found that it’s possible to install a plugin on ocs inventory Agent Windows. it’s name “listprinters.vbs” and it can make the inventory of all printers even for USB printer.

I tried this method but I have a problem, I can’t seem to change the status of the plugin. It keeps saying “WAITING NOTIFICATION” when I go to the onglet “mymachine” < “deployement”.

I use this documentation to help me :

Does someone know something about it ? How can I change the status and active the plugin


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