can someone help how can i get random math operator ( kotlin)


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hello guys am new to kotlin
i try to make a quiz app , so the questions that included strings i put them manually
and math questions are random ( loop )
the help i ask for how can i get random math operator here

 println("${randomNumber1} * ${randomNumber2}")

also println("${randomNumber1} * ${randomNumber2}")

part from the code :

   try {
            for (i in defaultMain until defaultMain+40) {
                val randomNumber1 = (0..30).random()
                val randomNumber2 = (1..10).random()
                println("${randomNumber1} * ${randomNumber2}")
                var input = readLine()!!.toInt()
                when (input) {
                    randomNumber1 * randomNumber2 -> "Right! 5 Points added to your score , and 5+ bonus"
                    else -> lose() }
                this.bonus =  this.bonus + 5
                this.score = this.score + 5
                this.score = this.score +  this.bonus
                println("Your current score: ${this.score}")
        } catch (e : Exception)


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