[SOLVED] Can I use
 tag in any context I want linebreaks display?


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I’m looking up HTML text format on MDN and I came across with the example below:

    Chris Mills<br />
    Manchester<br />
    The Grim North<br />

    <li>Tel: 01234 567 890</li>
    <li>Email: me@grim-north.co.uk</li>

So, Instead of using the </br> tag to separate the <p> content, can I use the <pre> tag? Further than that, can I use it in any context I want some linebreaks?


The <pre> tag cannot be used.

This is because <pre> defines if it is shown exactly like what is written in your source code, in monospace, and that it is pre-formatted text. Just like the comment above, you can use CSS white space.

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