Can I stop a discord.js command from running if automod deletes it?


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I am very new when it comes to this bot stuff, but I am modifying this command in discord.js v13.2.0 and want it to not register if another bot deletes it first.

I initially thought using a delay might stop it but that just stops it’s response for the set amount of time, what it needs to do is wait maybe half a second and then if the command still exists after that time it should continue with what the command is intended to do.

Alternativley I could use a feature that blocks any of the specific words from being used but that may be more complicated, I’m unsure.

Here is the code that I want to make these changes to:

const discord = require("discord.js");
const figlet = require("figlet");

module.exports = {
    name: "ascii",
    aliases: [],
    category: "fun",
    usage: "ascii <text>",
    description: "Returns provided text in ascii format.",
    run: async (client, message, args) => {
      if( != "1020591171094986782") return message.reply('you cannot use this command here!')
  .then(msg => {
    setTimeout(() => msg.delete(), 5000) //customisable time

   let text = args.join(" ");
   if(!text) {
return`Please provide text for the ascii conversion!`).then(msg => {
    setTimeout(() => msg.delete(), 5000) //customisable time
   let maxlen = 20
if(text.length > 20) {
return`Please put text that contains 20 characters or less!`).then(msg => {
    setTimeout(() => msg.delete(), 5000) //customisable time
figlet(text, function(err, data) {, {
code: 'AsciiArt' 



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