Calculate 90% quantile over over 15 year time period with xarray data arrays


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I try to calculate the 90 percentile over a period of 15 years. The data is stored in netCDF files (where 1 month is stored in 1 file –> 12files/year * 16years).

The data was opened using following command:
ds = xr.open_mfdataset(f"{rootdir}/*.nc, chunks={"time":1})

Trying to calculate the quantile (from some data variable) with following code:
q90 = data_varaible.qunatile(0.95, "time"), yields follwing error message:

ValueError: dimension time on 0th function argument to apply_ufunc with dask=’parallelized’ consists of multiple chunks, but is also a core dimension. To fix, either rechunk into a single dask array chunk along this dimension, i.e., .chunk(dict(time=-1)), or pass allow_rechunk=True in dask_gufunc_kwargs but beware that this may significantly increase memory usage.

I tried to rechunk, as explained in the error message by apply: data_variable.chunk(dict(time=-1).quantile(0.95,'time'), with no success (got the exact same error.
Further I tired to rechunk in the following way: data_variable.chunk({'time':1})), which was also not successful.

Printing out the data.variable.chunk(), actually shows that the chunk size in time dimension is supposed to be 1, so i don’t understand where I made a mistake.

ps: I didn’t try allow_rechunk=True in dask_gufunc_kwargs, since I don’t know where to pass that argument.

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