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I have this on my razor page:

 @foreach (AanmeldingItem ai in Aanmeldingen.Aanmeldingen)
        <NieuweAanmeldingScherm Aanmelding=@ai SL=@SL />

The component “NieuweAanmeldingScherm” has a bunch of divs and inputtexts to gather some data.
On the same page as the above foreach I have a button to add a new item.
When I click this button it adds a new “AanmeldingItem” to “Aanmeldingen.Aanmeldingen” which is a list of “AanmeldingItem”.

My problem is that when I enter some data it is not updated to the item in the list.

How does this work in Blazor (I’m just starting with it)?

so basically:

@foreach (MyClass myclass in MyClasses) 
  <MyComponent Myclass=@myclass />


<InputText @bind-value=@myclass.item1 />
<InputText @bind-value=@myclass.item2 />

  public MyClass myclass {get;set;}


How doe I make it so that MyClasses is updated with the info from the inputtexts?


Your loop is missing a @key directive, which gives Blazor a way to identify each instance of the component when rendering.

@foreach (AanmeldingItem ai in Aanmeldingen.Aanmeldingen)
  <NieuweAanmeldingScherm @key=ai Aanmelding=@ai SL=@SL />

Here, I have used the AanmeldingItem instance as the key, but if that class has a suitable unique int,string or some other simple type, use that instead as it will be better for performance.

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