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If you want to promote your product, blog, service, or technology, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Here are the different choices of advertising plans on

Advertising banners

We offer you an option to promote your products using banner ads at a great price. They will be placed in the right sidebar and will be visible on all pages of the site.

SizePositionPrice per month
125 X 125Lateral bar20€
300 X 250Lateral bar30€
300 X 250Single article after title50€
300 X 250In the middle of a single article30€
300 X 250At the end of a single article15€

Sponsored post

We offer you and option to promote your products using sponsored post. For sponsored post, please describe your campaign. Include details about the proposed duration, your budget, and the nature of the ads you wish to publish with us.

3 months 20€
6 months30€
1 year40€

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