[SOLVED] Azure DevOps : How to export the Work Items from an Azure DevOps Project using REST APIs?


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My old Azure DevOps Organization has multiple projects and I’d like to export and import the Azure DevOps Project between the organizations, especially the Work Items in Boards.

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I came across the Microsoft document – https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/rest/api/azure/devops/wit/work-items/create?view=azure-devops-rest-7.1&tabs=HTTP

Do we have any reference projects that uses Azure DevOps REST APIs to export and import the Azure DevOps Project?


No, there doesn’t have a built-in feature to achieve your requirement.

If you use F12 to capture the network traffic you will find the related request structure like this:

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CSV file was not been uploaded directly, it was firstly been parsed and then put it into the request.

It is obviously unrealistic to use such a request because it is too complicated.

A feasible solution is to use the REST API to get the workitems information, and then save this information to a CSV file. Then read the CSV file information and fill it into the REST API of Create Workitems.

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