[SOLVED] Azure Blob List “Value for one of the query parameters specified in the request URI is invalid” when using API Management service


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I’m using API Management service to make a simple interface between a c# desktop application and a Azure Blob storage account.

API Management service is providing the authentication via a Subscription Key. This works fine for downloading blobs.

I also want to list the contents of an individual container / folder (prefix) using the same method.

I’ve tested the following HTTP call outside the API Management service, it works correctly.


When I use this in API Management service, I’m returned an error:

    <Message>Value for one of the query parameters specified in the request URI is invalid.
    <Reason />

My processing rules:

        <base />          
        <set-header name="Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key" exists-action="delete" />
        <set-header name="Sec-Fetch-Site" exists-action="delete" />
        <set-header name="Sec-Fetch-Mode" exists-action="delete" />
        <set-header name="Sec-Fetch-Dest" exists-action="delete" />
        <set-header name="Accept" exists-action="delete" />
        <set-header name="Accept-Encoding" exists-action="delete" />
        <set-header name="Referer" exists-action="delete" />
        <set-header name="X-Forwarded-For" exists-action="delete" />
        <set-header name="x-ms-version" exists-action="override">
            <value>@{string version = "2017-11-09"; return version;}</value>
        <set-backend-service base-url="@{
return String.Format("https://<storageaccount>.blob.core.windows.net/files?restype=directory&comp=list&prefix=globalpackages/1.0");
}" />
        <authentication-managed-identity resource="https://storage.azure.com/" />
        <base />
        <base />
        <base />

what am I doing wrong?


Based on the documentation available here, the query parameter should be restype=container instead of restype=directory if you need to list blobs inside a blob container.

Once you make this change, you should be able to list the blobs.

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