Azure Analysis Services (AAS) Cube Roles: How to grant 2 levels of access, without having overlapping users, who thus get the lower level of access?


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Situation is:

We have an AAS cube. We want some users to have access to everything, and some to have limited access. Am currently doing this via roles:

  • [Role- All Access]: Has access to everything. Very limited number of users; hand curated by the business
  • [Role- Limited Access]: Has a few tables restricted. Many users; business has ~10 existing security groups whose members should have this access.

This issue is security is reductive.

If someone is a member of both [Role- All Access] and one of the security groups that rolls up to [Role- Limited Access], that user ends up with Limited Access. At least the way I know to write the roles.

My first thought was to do add an single security group to each role:

  • [Role- All Access]: Gets [Security Group, All Access], which itself is hand curated
  • [Role- Limited Access]: Gets [Security Group, Limited Access]. This ones gets those 10 security group nested in it. But do this as a Dynamic User AAD Security Group, and exclude any one who is a member of [Security Group, All Access], via the new memberof property – but from what I read:

You can’t use other operators with memberOf (i.e. you cannot create a rule which states member Of group A can’t be in Dynamic group B).

So that doesn’t work.

I may be thinking about this the entirely wrong way as well (neither AAS nor dynamic security groups are things I know much about). Thoughts?


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