AWS Resources of an account invited to an Organization


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I have looked for days to find the answer to this question in the official docs but couldn’t find anything specific (could it be because there are so many of them!)

  1. What happens to resources of an account when the aforementioned
    account gets invited to an Organization?
  2. And in case, the resource
    are moved with the account (what I would expect), are those resource
    manageable from the Organization as any other created directly by
    the Organization account?

Sorry for any confusion in the questions, I am still new to this Organization stuff.

As many out there, I have started with a personal account which runs Amplify, Elastic Bean Stalk and a couple other services. Now I would like to create an Organization and invite this account into it, but I can’t understand what would happen to the services attached to the account.

I know that I could try and see what happens, but I would prefer to have the smoothest transition possible since the Organization account would actually be used by other people as well.

Thanks in advance!


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