any one know how to add several users to our Telegram contacts with telethon (telegram API) ? and what’s the Limitation?


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Here’s my code :

numbers = []
for x in range(9360521600, 9360522000):

async def contact(client, numbers):
    sleep_time = 0
    for number in numbers:
            print(f'sleep time : {sleep_time}n')
            assert client.connect()
            contact = InputPhoneContact(client_id=0, phone=number, first_name=f"F {number}", last_name=f"L {number}")
            result = await client(ImportContactsRequest([contact]))
            sleep_time = 0
        except errors.FloodWaitError as E :
            sleep_time = E.seconds

with client:
    client.loop.run_until_complete(contact(client, numbers))

**every 50 users i add to my contacts, i should put the code to sleep for avrg 280 secs.
any solution? or other way to add contacts faster? **


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