[SOLVED] Android Studio Designs not visible yet the xml code is present


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I am using Android studio Chipmunk

I recently checked out to a new branch on Github and tested an app on the emulator. The app ran successfully. But when I looked at the layout resource files. They were completely blank.

Image of blank blueprint view

Image of blank design view

Even the component tree is empty. But when I looked at the xml code, it is all there.

Image of split view of code and design

I even tried creating a new resource xml file and tried adding a component to it. It indicates that the component has been added yet the component is not visible in the blueprint or design view. Then I tried the “Forced Refresh Layout” option.

Forced Refresh Layout option

Doing this made the component visible in the design, then I added another component and this new component was still not visible.

And this whole issue is only present in this project. If I open a different project, then the design in the resource xml files are visible.


Everything became visible when I changed the "Theme for preview"

Position of theme for preview option for reference

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